Would you like to volunteer to help us at our elementary school?

Volunteers are needed all year long. If you’d like to volunteer there are many opportunities, including: chaperoning off-site incentive trips, classroom help, mailings, bulletin boards, library shelving, working at the book fairs, and many other areas.

All volunteers must submit a criminal history check.

You can use our online webform (click here) to submit a criminal history check. The online process is secure, and only authorized district staff will see the results. The online submission form is the preferred method.

A paper criminal history check form may be submitted (available in several languages), however the clearance process can take several weeks. Download a fillable PDF of the PAP-F003 “Criminal History Check Packet.”  Fill out the form, print it, and return to Human Resources: Volunteer at 2450 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305.

Grant Volunteer Opportunities

Jog-a-thon Volunteers Needed

Want to show support for your son/daughter while they run for a good cause? Want to help our school gather funds for all of Grant students??? We still need more Jog-a-thon volunteers! Can you help? There are several spots available.

Please contact Nataly Huerta/ CSOC at 503-399-3151
Thank you!
Grant Community School

Students running in jog-a-thon

Se Necesitan voluntarios para el Jog-a-Thon

Desea demostrar su apoyo a su hija/o mientras corren por una buena causa? ¿Desea ayudar a nuestra escuela a obtener más fondos para nuestros estudiantes? ¡Necesitamos más voluntarios ara el Jog-a-thon!! ¿Nos pudiera ayudar? Tenemos varias posiciones abiertas.
Por favor llamar a Nataly Huerta CSOC-503-399-3151
Escuela Comunitaria Grant

volunteer reading to student

Colaboración entre el Program SMART y la escuela Grant

La lectura es una base fundamental para el éxito educativo y la vida, y debe comenzar temprano! El programa SMART sabe qué la lectura es importante.
La lectura es la puerta de entrada al aprendizaje, abre las puertas a las aventuras lejanas, nuevas posibilidades y un futuro prometedor. Si no hay fuertes habilidades de lectura, los niños se enfrentan a una serie de desafíos a lo largo de sus vidas. Es por eso que sabemos que lectura es muy importante. Y por eso el programa SMART ayuda a miles de niños de Oregon cada año desarrollar confianza en sí mismo, y crecer el entusiasmo y la motivación que necesitan para leer y tener éxito.

El program SMART fue fundado en la idea de que las comunidades juegan un papel importante en el apoyo a la educación de los niños. Los voluntarios del programa SMART ayudan a las comunidades de todo el estado y contribuyen su tiempo y talento para ayudar a lograr en este objetivo.

Oportunidades para voluntarios:
Compromiso de tiempo : 1 hora por semana durante un año escolar completo (mediados de octubre hasta mediados de mayo).

Requisitos de entrenamiento : orientación en línea 20 minutos y 1 hora de la orientación en la escuela Grant.

Cómo aplicar : Aplicar en línea al ir al sitio web: www.getsmartoregon.org o póngase en conctacto con Erica Heisler al llamar al 503-391-8423. Se requiere que todos los candidatos a someterse a una verificación de antecedentes penales nacionales.

Los lectores de SMART pasan una hora cada semana durante el año escolar con estudiantes de kinder a tercer grado. Nuestros lectores están emparejados con los mismos niños cada semana, para que se desarrolle una relación de mentor y estudiante por el transcurso del año. Los lectores son esenciales para la realización de la visión de SMART, donde todos los niños lleguen a leer bien y tengan éxito en un futuro.

Volunteer reading to student

Grant and SMART Program Partnership.  SMART Program Overview

The Need
The third grade reading level is widely recognized as a key indicator of a child’s future educational success. A student who can’t read on grade level by third grade is four times less likely to graduate by age 19 than a child who does read proficiently in third grade.[i] Add poverty to the mix, and a student is 13 times less likely to graduate on time than his or her proficient, wealthier peer. [ii]According to the 2015-16 Oregon Smarter Balanced Assessment, 53 percent of Oregon third-graders did not meet state reading standards.

Research proves that shared book reading and the availability of books in the home during a child’s first, formative years are the strongest predictors of early literacy skills. SMART provides both.

The Concept
The program concept is simple: pair an adult volunteer with children for weekly one-on-one reading sessions. Volunteers model the joy of reading, while supporting the child’s efforts to read independently.

The intention of SMART is to provide early reading support, access to books and community engagement to positively impact literacy outcomes and provide equitable opportunity for all kids.

The SMART program complements reading curriculum and instruction and is intended to build confident, lifelong readers who enjoy reading and use it as a tool for learning.

SMART was founded on the idea that communities play an important role in supporting children’s education. We support PreK through third-grade children in Oregon to develop the motivation, self-confidence, and reading skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. SMART volunteers in communities across our state contribute their time and talents to help us achieve this goal.

Time commitment: 1 hour per week for a full school year (mid-October through mid-May).

Training requirement: 20-minute online orientation and 1-hour on-site orientation.

How to apply: Contact Erica Heisler 503-391-8423 or email her at eheisler@getsmartoregon.org . You can apply online as well: www.getsmartoregon.org All applicants are required to undergo a national criminal background check. Bilingual readers highly encouraged to apply!!!

SMART Readers spend an hour each week during the school year reading one-on-one with Pre-k through third-grade children, modeling and fostering a joy of reading while supporting the child’s efforts to read independently. Our Readers are paired with the same children each week, developing a mentoring relationship with the students they read with over the course of the year. Readers are essential to realizing SMART’s vision of an Oregon where every child can read and is empowered to succeed.


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