Buying in bulk!

We are changing how we get school supplies in our classrooms for next year. We are buying all the supplies that we need in bulk at a reduced price. We are estimating that it would cost $25 per student for school supplies. This would not include children’s backpacks or lunch boxes.

With any new program, there are going to be some pros and cons. The cons of this program is that $25 may be a lot, especially for families with multiple children enrolled in school. We are working with the Grant Parent Club to set up a scholarship fund.

Some of the pros for this program would be that teachers would get exactly what they need, with the correct brand and quantities, so there is no waste. We also feel it would be a pro that families do not have to go back to school shopping.

If you would still like to purchase your student’s supplies, you can find the Grant School Supply list below.

Grant school supply list 21-22